27th February 2012

Sex Pistols sign to Universal Music Catalogue UK for back catalogue

SexPistolsOfficial.Com can confirm the Sex Pistols have left Virgin Records to sign to Universal Music Catalogue UK. The back catalogue deal will be for the world excluding North America.

“Music can be great, when done by the great.
The Sex Pistols are the greatest.
Universal now has a trophy room,
Music is the imitation of nature,
The Sex Pistols are nature,
So please give generously.
Thank You

Johnny Rotten

An expanded and repackaged edition of ‘Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols‘ will be scheduled for release later in 2012 to commemorate its 35th anniversary. There will also be other releases throughout 2012 and beyond.

Famous for inspiring a generation to rise against the musical establishment in the late 1970s, the Sex Pistols changed the face of music and popular culture overnight with one of the most influential and controversial records in British music history. 35 years after its release, Never Mind The Bollocks and the Sex Pistols’ legacy continues to grow as new generations discover its powerful message and still relevant, seminal songs.

Look out for more information on the new releases soon… Keep an eye on SexPistolsOfficial.Com and www.facebook.com/sexpistolsofficial