Definitive 3 CD box set featuring rarities, demos, album tracks and singles, plus unreleased live material.

Issued in 80 page colour book including rare pictures, track-by-track guide, history, lyrics & discography.

Disc 1: Studio Tracks & Early Demos
Tracks 1-12 ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’
Tracks 13-17 B-sides
Tracks 18-20 Majestic Studios Demo Session May 1976
Track 21 (Hidden Track) Manchester Square Demo Session December 1976

Disc 2: Demos & Rarities
Tracks 1-2 Denmark Street Demo Session July 1976
Track 3 Wessex Studios Session October 1976
Tracks 4-10 Wessex Studios Rehearsal Session October 1976
Track 11 Rejected version of the ‘Anarchy in the UK’ 7″ single
Tracks 12-15 Manchester Square Demo Session December 1976
Tracks 16-17 Gooseberry Studios January 1977
Tracks 18-22 Wessex Studios ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ Outtakes
May-August 1977
Track 23 (Hidden Track) Manchester Square Demo Session December 1976

Disc 3: Live at Screen on the Green ’76, plus live rarities
Tracks 1-15 Islington, Screen On The Green Cinema, 29.8.76
Track 16 London, Nashville Rooms, 3.4.76
Track 17 London, 100 Club, 29.6.76
Track 18 Birmingham, Barbarellas, 14.8.76
Track 19 Belsen Was a Gas, Dallas, Longhorn Ballroom, USA, 10.1.78*
Track 20 (Hidden Track) Manchester Square Demo Session December 1976

* indicates previously unreleased

Originally Released:
6th June 2002
DISC ONE: Holidays in the Sun, Bodies, No Feelings, Liar, God Save The Queen, Problems, Seventeen, Anarchy in the UK, Submission, Pretty Vacant, New York, EMI, I Wanna Be Me, No Feeling (bonus B-side), Did You No Wrong, No Fun* (unedited), Satellite, Problems, Pretty Vacant, No Feelings (Hidden Track), Anarchy in the UK (instrumental)* DISC TWO: Pretty Vacant, Submission, Anarchy in the UK, Substitute, (Don't Give Me) No Lip, (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone, Johnny B Goode, Road Runner, Whatcha Gonna Do About it?, Through My Eyes*, Anarchy in the UK*, No Feelings (instrumental)*, No Future*, Liar*, Problems*, New York, God Save The Queen, Satellite, EMI, Seventeen, No Feelings, Submission (version #1), (Hidden Track), GSTQ (instrumental)* DISC THREE: Anarchy in the UK, I Wanna Be Me, Seventeen, New York, (Don't Give Me) No Lip, (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone, Satellite, Submission, Liar, No Feelings, Substitute, Pretty Vacant, Problems, Did You No Wrong, No Fun, Understanding (live bonus track), Flowers of Romance #1 (live bonus track), Flowers... #2 (live bonus track), Belsen Was a Gas (live bonus track), (Hidden Track), Pretty Vacant (instrumental)*