22nd April 2017

It’s Record Store Day! The Pistols have 2 releases to look out for…

In the UK / Europe Universal Music will be releasing ‘God Save Sex Pistols‘ vinyl LP, and for North America Warner Brothers / Rhino will be releasing ‘Sex Pistols: The UK & US singles‘ vinyl 7″ box set.

God Save Sex Pistols' vinyl LP‘God Save Sex Pistols’ was the original version of the Sex Pistols album – before it was ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols’ – and included slightly different tracks and completely different artwork.

Side 1:
1. Seventeen
2. Pretty Vacant
3. New York
4. Holidays in the Sun
5. Liar
6. Problems

Side 2:
7. Anarchy in the UK
8. Submission
9. No Feelings
10. Satellite
11. EMI

Sex Pistols: The UK & US singles

Sex Pistols: The UK & US singles‘ will feature reproductions of the 4 UK 7″ singles, along with the US issue of ‘Pretty Vacant’ featuring different artwork and a different b-side.

This is the first time the UK singles, with their non-NMTB b-sides have been released in the US.

Anarchy in the UK / I Wanna Be Me (UK)

God Save The Queen / Did You No Wrong (UK)

Pretty Vacant / No Fun (UK)

Holidays in the Sun / Satellite (UK)

Pretty Vacant / Submission (US)