8th September 2023

Limited Edition 7” Replica single released 29th September
Red vinyl
Available on coloured vinyl officially for the first time
limited to of 4577 copies
More limited edition classic singles to come

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Sex Pistols are making their 3rd single available in coloured vinyl for the first time, another limited edition classic.

Released on the 2 July 1977, in the post ‘God Save The Queen’ fall out, the band were careering toward their all time great album ‘Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols’, also released  that year.

Along the way, Pretty Vacant came screaming into life, with its iconic primal lyrics of national frustration – “We’re so pretty, oh so pretty, we’re vacant!” Deservedly a smash hit, it also brought the band onto Top Of The Pops for the first time, finally presenting their incendiary performance and music to the mass of British public.

The B-Side is one of the Pistols’ great covers, ‘No Fun’ originally by The Stooges, perfectly complimenting the late 1970s frustration and malaise especially felt by young people in Britain.

After the 4576 copy limited release of ‘Anarchy in The UK,’  ‘Pretty Vacant’ will match the 4577 physical records available for ‘Holidays In The Sun’.

Following the success of the ‘God Save The Queen’ 7” vinyl releases in 2022 (which is the top selling physical single of the year and finally took the track to Number 1 on the Official Vinyl Singles Chart, 45 years to the day after it was kept off the top spot), the band’s other key singles from 76/77 are being revisited.

Often bootlegged but never bettered, each release will be individually numbered and be officially issued on coloured vinyl for the first time, whilst the artwork will replicate the iconic UK original designed by Jamie Reid (RIP) ©️Sex Pistols Residuals.

Pretty Vacant
Release Date: 29th September 2023
Label: UMR

7” replica of UK single in coloured vinyl officially for the first time. Red vinyl
Limited edition of 4577 copies

Side A – Pretty Vacant
Side B – No Fun

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Pretty Vacant