14th October 2012

The set of limited edition 7” picture discs concludes with the Sex Pistols fourth single ‘Holidays in the Sun’. The original sleeve artwork has been used on the front, with rare promo poster artwork used on the rear. The single is released 35 years to the day of the original release…

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The song, first released as a single in October 1977, was inspired by the Pistols March 1977 trip to Berlin; where the band had decamped for a few days to help escape media glare after their infamous sacking from A&M Records (after just 7 days).

The Pistols visit to the city – and particularly the Berlin Wall which looked onto the still communist East Berlin – provided John Rotten Lydon with his inspiration for the lyrics:
“Berlin was a very different town then. It was like that scene in Apocalypse Now when they go up the river and they see the flares and the party going on, all the soldiers on acid… That’s what Berlin was like, with a chaotic war-zone wrapped around it. The Communists were looking in on this adventure playground. Quite mental.”

We celebrate the 35 years since the release of this single with a very special, limited edition picture disc. Each record is individually stickered and numbered making it an inevitably highly sought-after collector’s dream!

Order the single via the Universal Shop