14th October 2007

‘Guitar Hero III – Legends of Rock’ video game – featuring the new re-recorded versions of ‘Pretty Vacant‘ & ‘Anarchy in UK‘ is set to be released in the States on October 28th; with a European release following on November 9th.

The game is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC, Mac. And can now be pre-ordered via the Guitar Hero website.

Despite what has recently been reported elsewhere, the Sex Pistols re-recorded both ‘Pretty Vacant’ & ‘Anarchy in UK’ solely for use in ‘Guitar Hero III’.

Unable to locate the original multi-track masters for ‘Anarchy in the UK’ & ‘Pretty Vacant’ – John Lydon, Steve Jones & Paul Cook; along with original producer Chris Thomas – entered the studio in summer 2007 to re-record the tracks exclusively for use in the game. See John Lydon’s recent JohnLydon.Com interview for further information on the re-recordings.

You can now watch the official Guitar Hero III: Sex Pistols Trailer, which includes an interview with John, via Yahoo Games.