30th May 2022

Pennies, coins, dosh, quids…whatever you call ‘em, bet you ain’t got one like this! The Pistol Mint has arrived with the launch of Sex Pistols God Save The Queen Commemorative Coin.

Nickel plated, the coin features Jamie Reid’s iconic artwork, with enamel colour infills and raised sections of stamped iron. The coin comes in a cushioned sapphire velvet presentation box with embossed silver detailing.

Sex Pistols Coin Common Sex Pistols Coin Uncommon

The commemorative coin comes twinned with a bonus digital counterpart in the form of an NFT which can be redeemed via The Pistol Mint. The NFT collection features a number of designs randomly assigned upon minting.

This delightful, and collectible souvenir coin will only be available for the strictly limited period of June 2022, with product and NFT estimated to ship end of July 2022.

Disclaimer: in case it’s not already abundantly obvious, this is not legal tender, it is a promotional item only.

These NFTs are minted on the Palm network, a scalable and sustainable ecosystem for NFTs. Because Palm offers a 99.9% reduction in energy consumption as compared to proof of work systems, each NFT has near zero carbon footprint. Minting an NFT on the Palm network uses as little energy as sending three emails.