16th August 2012

Combine Harvester 2008 © Sex Pistols Residuals (artwork John Rambo Stevens / Signatures)Did the Sex Pistols sell-out when they returned to the music scene in 2007? Yes they did. Every show they played.

If you know anything about the Sex Pistols you will know little is ever pre-planned (but somehow always comes together). The band were originally set to play London’s Brixton Academy on November 8th 2007 as a special one-off show. However, due to over-over-over-over-whelming demand the show sold-out within minutes, and during the next week a further four Brixton shows were added; all of which sold-out. They then added Arena shows in Manchester, England and Glasgow, Scotland. The Sex Pistols very own Holiday in the Sun. In November.

Original Pistols – John Lydon (aka Rotten), Steve Jones (guitar), Glen Matlock (bass) and Paul Cook (drums) – are back for more in 2008, and this time it really will be a Holiday in the Sun. Sex Pistols headline the Isle of Wight Festival on Saturday, June 14th and embark on a series of headlining festival dates throughout Europe. They also travel to Japan for the first time in 12 years, and play their first ever live dates in Russia. August also sees them take the high road to Scotland to headline the Live at Loch Lomond Festival on Sunday, August 3rd. They round off their scheduled live dates with an appearance at The Electric Picnic Festival on Sunday, August 31st. Their first concert on Irish soil.

As a special prelude to their Isle of Wight appearance the band announced they would play Birmingham Academy on Wednesday, June 11th. A one-off American club date has also been arranged at Las Vegas, The Joint on Saturday, June 7th. The Sex Pistols and Vegas! Have fun…

June will see the initial release of their first official live concert DVD. ‘There’ll Always Be an England’ was filmed by director Julien Temple and features a full-length recording from the now legendary 2007 Brixton Academy shows; including the whole of the classic ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ album and more. The DVD also includes an additional 80 minute interview feature entitled ‘The Knowledge’ where the band members take you on a special journey of the streets of London. The DVD is set for release in the UK via FremantleMedia Enterprises on June 16th, with releases in the USA, Japan, Australia, France and Germany scheduled for July / August.

Perhaps no one could have predicted the jubilant reception the Sex Pistols got at their triumphant 2007 live shows. Not only from the public – but strangely enough – from the media. In 30 years (33 to be exact) the Pistols have went from public enemy #1 to national treasures. The Pistols didn’t care what people thought of them back in the day – and nothing has changed – everything they said then is still relevant today. Probably more so. It’s simply taken some people a bit longer to catch up.

2007 was hailed as the year of the comeback with several institutions reforming for live shows. The Sex Pistols play live if and when they feel like it; on their own terms. They do not follow trends, they never have. There has been nothing like the Sex Pistols, before or since. They are truly unique. They’re not pretending to be teenagers, they’re not pretending anything. What you see is what you get. Hope comes in a jar…

The Sex Pistols in Brixton


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Combine Harvester 2008 © Sex Pistols Residuals (artwork John Rambo Stevens / Signatures)
Sex Pistols, LA, 2008 © Davis Factor / Sex Pistols Residuals