17th December 2013

Christmas with the Sex Pistols, BBC4, Boxing Day, December 26th 2013 at 10pm.

BBC4 will broadcast a special one-hour documentary on the Sex Pistols historic concert’s in Huddersfield Christmas Day 1977. The documentary looks at how the group branded ‘public enemy number’ one by the media played a matinee concert for the kids of striking firemen and put on a Christmas party with free presents and cakes; then later that evening played a show for the firemen and adults.

Director Julien Temple marries together previously unseen footage of the legendary shows along with archive footage of the striking firemen and 1977 television. John Rotten, Steve Jones and Paul Cook were all interviewed for the documentary. This is the Pistols as you have never known or seen them before. What better way to spend Christmas on Boxing Day…