30th September 2007
Sex Pistols vinyl re-issue’s 2007. To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ Virgin Records are releasing the Sex Pistols first four classic 7″ singles – the only singles that really matter – one a week throughout October; followed by the legendary ‘Never Mind The Bollocks… Here’s The Sex Pistols’ LP on October 29th.

The first of the set – Anarchy in the UK / I Wanna Be Me – is released tomorrow, Monday, October 1st 2007. The strictly limited edition 7″ vinyl single has been produced to sound and look as close as humanly possible to the original release. The trainspotter’s can play spot the difference all they like, the rest of us will just enjoy them. As Mr Rotten said on Capital Radio back in 1977, “Music is for listening to, not storing away in a bloody cupboard…”

Please Note: The vinyl replica’s are UK releases, however, a small amount will be made available for export to Europe and Japan. Unfortunately, they will not be released in North America.

Follow this link for more info on the vinyl re-issues…

Release Dates:
Anarchy in the UK / I Wanna Be Me – October 1st
God Save The Queen / Did You No Wrong – October 8th
Pretty Vacant / No Fun – October 15th
Holidays In The Sun / Satellite – October 22nd
Never Mind The Bollocks – October 29th
(with Submission 7″ & poster)

All major UK record shops should be stocking the vinyl re-issue’s, as well as some independents. If the records are not in your local shop you can order them, or buy them online from UK based record website’s such as HMV. The track’s are also available for download via iTunes.