Pretty Vacant 7″ (Record Store Day 2013)Back
Pretty Vacant 7" Record Store Day 2013
Pretty Vacant 7″ (Record Store Day 2013)
TYPE: Singles
LABEL: Universal Music
RELEASE DATE: 20th April 2013

Pretty Vacant

Pretty Vacant (country and western version)
Produced by Chris Thomas
Engineered by Pete Lewis
Recorded live at Hammersmith Apollo on 2nd September 2008

Vocals: John Rotten
Guitars: Steve Jones
Bass: Glen Matlock
Drums: Paul Cook

Pretty Vacant (mono mix)
Produced by Chris Thomas
Engineered by Bill Price
Recorded at Wessex Studios, London, 1977

Vocals: John Rotten
Guitars & Bass: Steve Jones
Drums: Paul Cook
Pretty Vacant (country and western live 2008)
Pretty Vacant (1977 mono mix)

Sex Pistols have announced that the band will release a very special version of Pretty Vacant as a limited edition vinyl 7” single on April 20th for UK Record Store Day.

The A-Side is a previously unreleased version of Pretty Vacant recorded live at the Hammersmith Apollo on 2nd September 2008.  Featuring a ‘Country & Western’ style intro it, as John Lydon says, “brings out the c*nt in country”.

The flip-side is a 1977 mono mix of Pretty Vacant which was only previously available on a rare American promo of the single.

The 3,500 limited edition, numbered 7”s come in a faithfully replicated version of the original American promo.

Pretty Vacant was originally released in July 1977 and was the third single taken from Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols.  Another masterpiece, the single, with its rallying cry ‘and we don’t care!’ swept the nation.